Cheryl Anne Marceda MBA is our Beauty Mogul. She has over 15 years of experience in the Medical Spa Industry. Cheryl founded L’Azur La Vie Med Spa, Beauty is a Way of Life in 2005 in New York. Previously she established other beauty enterprises as Fashion Designer, Professional Image Consultant, Cosmetic Retailer, Wholesaler and Distributor and Permanent Make-Up Artist.

She brings her passion for beauty and joie de vivre to L’Azur La Vie. She is a mother, grand-mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, artist, trendsetter and transformer. Seeing the wonder of youthful beauty in her beloved grandchildren, Cheryl recognizes beauty transforms over time and may be renewed during all life stages. Her goal at Lazur La Vie is for clients to appreciate these inevitable changes and Be their most beautiful self at any age.