Cheryl Anne Marceda MBA is our Beauty Mogul. She has over 15 years of experience in the Medical Spa Industry. Cheryl founded L’Azur La Vie MedSpa, Beauty is a Way of Life in 2005 in New York. Previously she established other beauty enterprises as Fashion Designer, Professional Image Consultant, Cosmetic Distributor and Permanent Make-Up Artist.

“Our focus is the whole persona. Rather than looking back or fearing the future, we want our clients to look their best, so they will feel their best. Clients come to us and complain about wrinkles, a few extra pounds and all of the reasons we’ve learned to feel bad about ourselves.”

“Through our safe, non-invasive, amazing technologies we can tighten skin, resurface wrinkles, restore skin clarity, build muscle, remove fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, restore sex lives and more.”

Cheryl Anne has created a welcoming place of beauty where you can relax, renew and enjoy your ultimate beauty experience.